Advent Christmas Calendar
Advent Christmas Calendar
Advent Christmas Calendar
Advent Christmas Calendar
Advent Christmas Calendar
Advent Christmas Calendar

Advent Christmas Calendar

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Celebrate the lead up to Christmas with our heirloom felt advent calendar. A treasured piece to bring out each year and to be handed down through generations.

Made with premium felt and entirely sewn to ensure maximum durability. Each beautifully embroidered pocket holds one charming surprise ornament. 

The object is simple: From the 1st of December, place one special ornament a day onto the tree. It makes a memorable night time or morning routine and by Christmas Eve your child will be rewarded with a delightful tree of their very own, filled with ornaments. 

Each calendar measures 60cm x 95cm.


Recommended for children aged 3+ years.


Customer Reviews

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Never received this calendar????? Please advise what to do or expect????

Stunning advent

Just opened this today to set up ready for 1 December and we love it so much! Such a gorgeous and clever design. It is definitely heirloom quality and will be a treasured piece for our family.

Karen Pruim
Missing 2 pieces

Ordered this in the pre-order. Took a while to get to Canada and it was missing 2 pieces. Customer service asked me which ones were missing? How would I know - I sent a picture and told them which pockets were empty. They say they would figure it out and send them. I finally got notice they were shipped - I guess we will see what comes.

Hi Karen,

I note you left negative feedback despite our best efforts to rectify your issues. Upon receipt of your complaint we offered to replace your book, but you declined, stating that you were able to fix the loose threads yourself. I note that we sent you an entire set of ornaments for the advent calendar (despite only two being missing) and also an additional gift to compensate you for your inconvenience. The Playful Pumpkin book you received in your initial order was also a promotional gift to you.

We have stringent quality control in place however as you can appreciate, our books are hand made and the designs are quite complex so we do miss things from time to time. We are always more than happy to rectify any problems that arise.

Alina Grytsan

Its amazing gift and Christmas toy for my toddler .

Shandra Fleming

Such a unique Christmas surprise for my little guy! He loves the ornaments, and the entire calendar is so well crafted. Wonderful addition to the Christmas spirit!