The only developmental toy your child needs.

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There are four key areas in a child's development:

  • Physical Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Cognitive or Intellectual Development
  • Communicative Development (Speech and Language)

A Wondertivity busy book or quiet book develops each of the above - and more. 

Physical development

The best thing about Wondertivity busy books and quiet books? They develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! Each time your child pulls out their busy book or quiet book and plays with the zippers, turns the pages, un-buttons or buttons up an activity, snaps on a button or threads string and ribbon, they are fine tuning this important life skill.

Social and Emotional Development

Being socially and emotionally secure plays a HUGE part in raising a happy and confident child. Wondertivity busy books and quiet books ignite a child's curiosity and their desire to learn. It also helps a child develop persistence and patience in completing tasks of varying difficulty. The personal satisfaction and confidence your child achieves in completing an activity, is priceless.

Cognitive Development

Wondertivity busy books and quiet books develop how your child learns, thinks, generates ideas, solves problems, makes decisions and visualises the world around them. Each activity presents a "problem" that requires sorting, matching, comparing and organising. Numbers, colours, counting, shapes and patterns are introduced in each page. Personalised books have the added benefit of name recognition and in time, your child will also learn how to spell their name. Finally, whilst working through the activities your child's focus and attention span is increased - another essential skill to ensure they thrive at school.

Communicative Development

Language and communication skills naturally develop with a Wondertivity busy book or quiet book. With many different themed pages in each book, you can encourage your child to describe what they are doing or what is happening in each activity and create stories using the props in each page.

With a Wondertivity busy book or quiet book you can rest assured that you are giving your child the best developmental toy money can buy.


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