Brainy Bunny Book
Brainy Bunny Book
Brainy Bunny Book
Brainy Bunny Book
Brainy Bunny Book
Brainy Bunny Book
Brainy Bunny Book
Brainy Bunny Book
Brainy Bunny Book

Brainy Bunny Book

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Title 12 Page Edition

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The Brainy Bunny has everything to start your preschooler on their school learning journey - name recognition, spelling, numbers, greater than or less than, simple sums, shapes, time, sequencing, planets, colours, routine, self-care, feelings and plenty of FUN, engaging pages for storytelling, imaginary play and developing fine motor skills.

All Brainy Bunny busy book (quiet book) activities have been approved and are used by Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists with special interest in hand therapy so you can be assured you're buying the very best busy book for your child.

Available in a 12 Page Edition or a Personalised 12 Page Edition with wooden beads


Page 1: Playful Puppy
Playful Puppy is ready to play! Unbuckle puppy's collar and take him off his leash. Puppy's mouth opens and can be fed the bone from his dog bowl. After all the fun, thread through the leash and buckle puppy back in his collar. This page is great for sensory play, developing fine motor skills and encouraging fine motor play.

Page 2 and Page 3: Shapes and Shapes all Around Us
On this page there are 8 multicoloured shapes. The pieces can be kept in the pocket at the bottom of the page ready for matching. This page is great for discussing colours, names of each shapes and their properties - for example, a square has four equal sides. Page 3 is for shape matching and imaginative play. Use the shapes from page 2 to fill in the gaps.

Page 4: Counting Coloured Bugs
The goal of this page is to sort the bugs out by number and colour. Maneouvering the pieces into each pocket also serve as great fine motor exercise. For younger children, start by matching the colours of the bugs to the colour of the number, older children will be able to use this page to practice counting.

Page 5: Octopus Tangle
This octopus is removable and can be taken out for a fun threading activity. Great for imaginary play and fine motor practice whilst developing patience and concentration skills.

Page 6 and Page 7: The Solar System
How many planets are there in our solar system? Can you name them and order them from the sun? There is also a little green one-eyed alien finger puppet, rocketship and comet for story telling and imaginary play. All the pieces are attached to the page by snap buttons which enable the planets to rotate through the solar system.

Page 8: Emotions
How are you feeling today? On this page your child can build a face for a girl (with pony tail and bow) or a boy (remove pony tail and bow). Some of the pieces such as the eyes and the open mouth can be placed upside down to demonstrate more emotions.

Page 9: Dressing Up
This page is for practising buckles, belts and buttons. Great for discussing self care and steps involved in getting ready.

Page 10: Tick Tock Clock
Our Tick Tock Clock features removable numbers and movable clock hands. Perfect for learning numbers to 12, counting, ordering of numbers and time.

Page 11: Brainy Bunny's Day
Brainy Bunny's Day consists of 4 activities - bedtime, meal time, play time and bath time. This page encourages imaginary play, Brainy Bunny is a finger puppet and can be inserted in the pockets of each activity. This routine page can be used in conjunction with the Tick Tock Clock page to learn about time and routines.

Page 12: Ten Little Fingers
Ten Little Fingers is great for learning about numbers and simple sums. In the pocket below the hands are mathematical symbols for addition, subtraction, greater than and less than sums. The numbers from the clock can be used on this page to make number sentences. The sum can be demonstrated using the fingers and/or the abacus in the middle of the page.

Suitable for 3+
Size: 20 x 20cm

Children under the age of 3 must be supervised due to the presence of small parts.

Customer Reviews

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Thank you

Thank you so much for your response. For some reason I have not received those emails. Perhaps it went to my spam folder I will check! Am I able to purchase that page? We gifted the book for our grand daughter for Easter and she LOVED it! Again thank you so much for your response!

Missing the first page

We love the book but it arrived without the first name page and cake page. That is why I purchased the book. I reached out to customer service and haven’t heard a thing back. Please help!

Hi Julie,
As indicated to you in our reply to your first and subsequent email enquiries, the name and age page is not the first page of the 12 page Brainy Bunny book, it is sold separately.
Kind regards,

Great gift!

I purchased the Brainy Bunny book for my 2.5 year old and am so pleased with it. We have the lion toddler book and have had it since he was about a year old and he still plays with it. The bunny book is a little too advanced for him now but I feel like he will learn quickly. Great alternative to an iPad or in the car.

P Wilson
My 4yo loves it

Thanx for making the book, it has been handy during church services, it keeps my daughter busy indeed!!

Katia Tallarico
Perhaps too advanced for a 3-year-old

We came back to Wondertivity for a second book after the huge success of the Farmyard Fun Book- our three year old was obsessed with this book for 6 months and still comes back to it regularly. The Brainy Bunny isn’t as intuitive but perhaps bc it’s too advanced… Also, some pieces are too big for the page and stick out a bit… And the last page of beads causes a crease on the back cover. It’s bulkier, I think the better choice for us at this stage would have been the Play Date / Doll House.